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Don't worry - The British will always be welcome in Greece

Some clients have been asking us whether BREXIT will cause any problems from them buying a property in Greece.

We strongly believe that it will not because the Greeks love the British and will do whatever it takes to make sure that BREXIT does not cause any problems. In any case, many non-Europeans buy properties in Greece, just as many British buy properties outside of Europe.

But don't just take our word on it, the Greek government themselves have said the following:

Papadimoulis earlier said: “Greek people are not big on English tea and don’t particularly love beans on toast, but I guarantee you, every Greek child knows Harry Potter and Premiere League? Most appreciated.

Syriza believes in the EU and we disagree with the United Kingdom leaving a United Europe. We hold that Brexit was a sad day for our union.
Let’s face it though, Greece and Britain have a relationship.

We know you’ve shared our history, liked our sun and sand and enjoy a couple of drinks in our tavernas.

There are 11 thousand Greek students in the UK not to mention many more workers and Greece is one of the favourite destinations for the English, Scottish, Irish, Cornish and Welsh to holiday or retire.

We need to do whatever it takes to secure the rights of British people living in Greece as well as the rights of Greeks living in Britain.

We disagree with the result of your referendum, but we still respect it. Why? Because it’s in our blood, culture and political DNA to respect democratic choices.

And I can assure you that Greeks will continue to show their hospitality, to the British as if they never left the Union.

In short, Brits, you’re welcome in Greece!”

BREXIT still welcome in Greece

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