There are many reasons to buy a property in Greece:

  • Excellent properties at low prices 
  • Greek Hospitality 
  • The Climate 
  • Very low crime rate 
  • Safe clean seas 
  • Restrictions on over-development 
  • Healthy lifestyle 
  • Greek culture 
  • Low cost of living 
  • Easy access 
  • Golden Visa (for non-European Union Buyers) 

Excellent Properties at Low Prices

Properties in Greece are for sale at excellent prices as you can see on our website. Keep in mind that the vast majority are detached villas on their own freehold plots, so there are no “communal / maintenance” fees to pay after you have bought the property. Your typical running costs for a 2/3 bed 100sqm villa would be about 30 Euros per month (council tax equivalent) plus water and electricity on the meter - a lot lower than other counties!<

Greek Hospitality

The Greeks are a very warm and welcoming people. Just go to the local taverna or cafenion more than once and you will be making new friends in no time. The Greek language does not even have a word for “foreigner”, instead, they use the word for “guest”. 

The Language

English is a compulsory language at Greek schools, so it is widely spoken by all the locals. English newspapers, radio, satellite television and high speed internet are also all readily available. The Greek language does sound tricky at first, but just learn four or five words and the locals will love you for it. “Yiassou” is a good start as it means hello, good bye, bless you and cheers!

The Climate

Greece is blessed with over 300 days of sun a year, which is more than 8.5 hours a day! The summers are hot and dry, often with a cooling breeze, and winters are short and mild. As it’s the Mediterranean, the sea is warm and safe, with no tides. Most rainfall is between December and February, but even during this time, there are many glorious days with cloudless skies.

Very Low Crime Rate

You can feel safe in Greece as it has a very low crime rate as proved by these official figures 
Crime figures from EUROSTAT for 2012 in 1,000s are: 

- Greece
- Spain
- France
- Turkey
- United Kingdom

per 1,000 population 0.8

Safe Clean Seas

Greece has about 408 blue flag beaches and as it is the Mediterranean, there is no real tide making swimming very safe.

Restrictions on Over-Development

In Greece, you know that the excellent sea views which you can see now are not going to be blocked out my massive high rise buildings because there are very strict laws on over-development and every year, these are tending to get stricter. This means that property in Greece is integrated into traditional villages which will retain their charm and you can be part of real village life. The future for Greece is excellent, as it has a Mediterranean coastline more than two times the size of Spain and France combined. 

Healthy Lifestyle

Greece has a slower, stress-free pace of life where everyone takes the time to enjoy themselves and their surroundings. There have been many international studies in to the Greek cuisine, as it is known to be one of the healthiest in the world and add to this an outdoor lifestyle with the sun and the sea, and you can see why the lifestyle is envied throughout the world. 

Low cost of Living

You can live well for very little money in Greece. You will find that you money goes a lot further when you are buying food and drink and of course high heating bills will be a thing of the past. Also, the taxes on your home are very low, typically 4 Euros per sqm of building per year. This means that the monthly cost of a typical 2/3 bed 100sqm villa is just 30 Euros plus water and electricity on the meter.

You can easily have your pension paid in Greece – you will find that it goes a lot further. You can also use the Greek health service, or take out private health insurance which is excellent value for money. If you wish to take your pet to Greece, this is also a straightforward process. 

Flights to Greece – hundreds of charter and low cost schedule flights

Greece has always had many direct charter flights, but now they also have many low cost schedule airlines flying there including EasyJet and Ryanair. 

Golden Visa – for non-European Union national

If you hold a European Union country’s passport then you can buy in Greece as easily as in your own country. Now Greece also has a Golden Visa scheme for buyers from outside the EU who buy a property for at least 250,000 Euros, one of the lowest amounts in Europe! This means that if you do not have an EU passport but buy a property for 250,000 Euros or more, the buyer and their family get a Golden Visa which covers all the European Schengen area.