I don’t know the different areas in Greece, can you help me? 
- We would be happy to have an informal chat and answer your questions. Just call us on +44 208 302 6616 (0208 302 6616 from the UK) and Spyros or one of his colleagues would be happy to chat with you. Spyros is Greek and English and has over 30 years’ experience of property in Greece. 

Is your website correct and up to date?
- Yes, our website is updated daily with all the latest information and prices. In addition to the properties on the website, we also have many additional houses so just tell us what you are looking for and we will help you in your search. 
- If something is for sale in one the main areas in Greece and is legal, then we will probably have it on our books even if it is not shown on the website. 

Is this a good time to buy? 
- Over the previous few years prices had come down but in 2015-2016 they stabilised. Now in 2017 and 2018 sales have increased substantially, making this an excellent time to buy. 
- In 2014, Greece reduced the cost of buying from about 13-15% to around 10% (including all costs, legal, notary, registration, transfer tax, etc.) 
- The Euro is currently very weak which makes your property even cheaper if you are buying in another currency. 

How can I get a bargain? 
- If you are ready to buy and are looking for that bargain, just tell us what you are looking for, approximate price and location and we will keep you up to date with any special bargains which come through. Otherwise keep an eye on our HOT PROPERTIES and register on the website for property email alerts. 

Is it safe in Greece? 
- Greece is known as a very safe and friendly country which welcomes property buyers from all countries. 
- Crime figures (robbery, theft and burglary) per 100,000 inhabitants are:
- Greece                   39.75 
- Spain                     139.03
- Portugal                 149.13
- France                   157.79

Source: Eurostat 2015

What are the main attractions of property in Greece?
- Greece as a country is very friendly, has a low crime rate and is a very inexpensive place to live. The weather is excellent all year around and the beaches are clean with 408 blue flags at last count. 
- There are very strict restrictions on overdevelopment in Greece which means that the sea views and countryside views remain unspoiled. Each year, the restrictions tend to be tightened. 
- Most properties for sale are small villas on their individual freehold plots and high density buildings are severely restricted outside of town centres. 
- Property costs and taxes are very low and the purchase process checks that your purchase is 100% legal. 

I don’t speak Greek – will this be a problem if I move there?
- English is a mandatory subject at school in Greece so you don’t need to speak any Greek at all, but it’s always nice to learn a word or two. Try remembering Yiasou, as it means hello, good bye, bless you and cheers! 

If I decide to buy, will someone out there help me through things? 
- Of course, the process is straightforward and we are here to help you every step of the way. 

I am looking to buy – what do I need to take with me to Greece?
- Your passport, a couple of recent utility bills and if possible some proof of your tax number (e.g. P60 or tax return). 

I would like to see some properties – how does the whole process work?
- Have a look at our website and find some properties of interest. We can help you with this or any other questions which you have. 
- Book a trip out to Greece and let us know the details and the dates as soon as you have booked. This is important as dates get booked up and we often have to arrange keys and access. You can either fill in the “Book Viewings” form or email/telephone us with the details. 
- Please remember that the more information you give us about your requirements and their importance, the better we can select your ideal properties. 
- We will arrange your viewings in Greece and confirm everything in writing including a meeting time/place and contact details. 
- In Greece, you will be taken to see your selected properties and will have all your questions answered.

How do I make an offer on a property? 
- If you put in an offer, this will be put to the seller and once a price is agreed, we will help you through the whole process, it is very straightforward. 
- We will suggest some local English speaking lawyers to you based on previous client feedback but you are free to choose whoever you prefer. We do not use “tied” or in-house lawyers as we find this unethical. We do suggest that you appoint a local lawyer so that they know the region and do not have to travel a long way which would add to your costs. 
- Once you have instructed your lawyer, the rest of the purchase process can be completed over the telephone when you are back home. 
- More details of the buying process are under "The Buying Process".

Do you get clean title with property in Greece? Is it freehold?
- Nearly all property in Greece is sold as freehold and there are various checks to make sure that you get full ownership and the title deeds. A notary is involved with every sale to make sure that everything is in order and there is now a new law in Greece which also requires an engineer to sign off on the property which gives you further security. 

How does the buying process work for a resale property?
- It is very straight forward. Once you have decided to buy and your offer has been accepted, you put down a deposit which is normally 10%. As per Greek law, this secures the property and the price. If the seller were to change their mind, they would have to pay you back double your deposit as a penalty. After the deposit, it normally takes 6-8 weeks for all the checks to be made and the paperwork drawn up. After this, you pay the balance and the property is yours. You can see more details under “The Buying Process

What is the cost of buying property in Greece?
- The cost of buying including all legal costs, fees and taxes totals about 10%. The exact amount varies depending on the property and its precise location and your lawyer will be able to give you a precise calculated figure for your specific property. 

How can I get a good exchange rate and keep more of my money?
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Can I get my pension paid in Greece?
- Yes, this is straightforward. We advise you use a currency specialist (see above) to get the best exchange rate. 

Once I have my property, what are the running costs per year?
- On average, taxes are 4 Euros per sqm of property (the building not the land) per year, so for a 3 bedroom 100sqm property, it would equate to about 33 Euros per month – a lot less than council tax for example!
- There is a small charge for swimming pools.
- Water and electricity are charged on the meter depending on your usage.
- The vast majority of properties are freehold, so you will not have any service costs unless you have a shared pool or common areas. 

Can I have a property built for me?
- Yes, we provide plots of land and can introduce you to well-regarded builders for a full design and build service in the most popular areas. This is very straightforward and before you make any decision, you can see other previously built properties, meet happy customers and get a fixed price which is payable in predefined stages. 

I have found a property but it does not have a swimming pool – can it be added?
- Yes, in the vast majority of areas as long as there is space then a pool can be added and we can introduce you to builders who can do this for you. 

Golden Visa
- If you do not have an EU passport, you can now obtain a Golden Visa if you purchase a property in Greece over Euro 250,000. 
- The visa is for the purchaser and their family and enables them to live in Greece and move freely in the countries in Europe that are part of the Schengen agreement (most countries except UK and Iceland). 
- This visa lasts for 5 years and can be renewed if you still own the property. 

Renting my property in Greece – how much can I earn?
- If you look at one of the following property rental websites you will get a good idea of how much you can earn renting your property: https://www.homeaway.co.uk/lettings/greece/r33  or http://www.holidaylettings.co.uk/greece/

- This website will show you who flies where in Greece: http://www.skyscanner.net

Where to stay – accommodation
- We can suggest some places to stay in the most popular areas, otherwise look at http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/

These notes are only intended as a guide and are subject to our Terms and Conditions. You should only rely upon your own research and we always recommend the use of a lawyer.