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Rhodes Property

The Greek Island of Rhodes is considered to be the sunniest place in the whole of Greece. This is what you would expect, given that it is governed by the god "Helios" - the god of the sun. We can help you to find your ideal Greek home in Rhodes, as we have many homes and other real estate for sale.

Rhodes has the most colourful history of all the Greek Islands. The old town is the oldest inhabited medieval town in Europe, a legacy of the Knights of Saint John. The Colossus of Rhodes, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, was reputed to have stood astride the harbour entrance.

Nowadays, Rhodes (Rodos) is a popular and cosmopolitan tourist island. There are many sandy beaches, especially down the east coast, and while there are some busy resorts, there are also quiet traditional Greek villages. The west coast is considered to be wild and very windy the majority of the time. Our Rhodes property is always within easy reach of tavernas and the beach.

Travelling down the east coast, we come to Tsambika, which has fantastic sea and mountain views, as well as one of the best beaches on the island. Further south is Kalathos, which has a lovely beach as well as a selection of tavernas and bars.

A couple of minutes south of Kalathos is Lindos, which is the jewel of Rhodes. Greek property in Lindos village itself is very expensive and normally handed down through the family, so many people choose a property in Rhodes just north or south of Lindos village.

Just south of Lindos is Pefkos, which has a large sandy beach as well as tavernas, bars, other shops and some supermarkets. Pefkos is a popular resort in its own right.

Moving further south, we come to the village of Asklipio, which is slightly set back from the coast and has stunning views. Kiotari is a little further on, and is a very stylish area with some luxury hotels, excellent tavernas and a shopping centre.

Further on, we reach the village of Genadi (Gennadi) which is very unspoilt and has a large selection of tavernas on the beach. This area has a massive expanse of beach and Genadi is a traditional, living, Greek village with full amenities all year round. Of course, Lindos, and many other parts of Rhodes, are only twenty minutes drive away should you need them. Due to its location, this area is proving to be very popular for Rhodes property, and we have a number of Greek properties for sale right on the beach.

Finally, we reach Lachania which has an excellent beach, and is still relatively untouched by tourism.

To help you identify the location of your Greek property for sale in Rhodes, please look at the following map: Rhodes Property.

Apart from the hundreds of charter flights, EasyJet now has a regular service from the UK to Rhodes. This is expected to increase and to become a year round service which is bound to hit property prices in the next couple of years.

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